He Said .. She Said ..


“I am like the light from an old bulb in the shed that keeps flickering on and off, and that goes totally off during a thunderstorm” … he said

“Then I m the girl in the shed who need that light in her life to keep her going. Without this light she is a lost soul that wanders around.” … she said


Opposite poles attract !!


Two sides of the magnet are poles part but never leave each other’s side, and opposites attract they also say. Relationships are similar to magnets. When two people with thought processes poles apart are together, there is always something exciting for the other, they get to see things in two different perspectives. They argue, they make up. These two poles are the same in everyone else’s eyes but their own.


Call me..


She felt like calling him that evening, but didn’t call as she knew he would be busy having fun with his friends camping by the bonfire. She wanted to give him his space and not nag him like a girlfriend. Instead she was very open and sent him a message that she wanted to call him but was not going to. There was no reply from him until midnight and when he replied he was drunk. He told her that he couldn’t speak to her in that state and that he was explaining himself because he thought of calling her. She mistook him that he wanted to call her but he was just explaining and apologizing for seeing her message very late. She thought, ‘I am neither his girlfriend nor his best friend. Why would he want to call me?’. She convinced herself with this thought and forced herself to sleep watching the Independence day fireworks from her room. On the inside, she wanted him to call her.

She dreamed of him that night. He was drunk in her dream. Very high. His friends were there too. He wanted to go somewhere but he was not in a state where he could take himself there. His friends asked if he wanted them to take him , he said no. Then she asked him if he wanted her to take him .. he said yes!  He held her with his hands around her waist , his head on her shoulder. She took care of him like always. They were walking towards his destination only to make a stop and be joined by his friends on either side. She woke up with a feeling of content that at least in her dreams he dint push her away.

It had only been a few months since she met him, but she felt an instant connection that could not be explained. She dint know what it was that was between them. Was it friendship or were they just two people who knew each other ? There was no definition to whatever happened between them. There was no tag to their relationship. He was confusing her. She dint know if she had to behave like a stranger or show her affection.  If she stayed away he told she was treating him like a stranger and if she showered her affection he was scared and moved away from her. Both of them were clear in the fact that they were not looking for a relationship, then what was it that he was scared of? She wondered. Was she just making way for another soul to hurt her again ?

Cancelling my hotel reservation. 


It’s amazing how simple things turn out to be great life lessons. Nothing in this world works without planning, time management and decision making. I’ve always considered myself to be very bad at these. But I never failed to accept the lessons life teaches me.

My friend and I were once planning a small weekend getaway and we had to reserve a hotel for our stay. I was looking up hotels the whole week with many things in mind like distance, cost, reviews, breakfast, access to public transportation and free cancellation. I reserved a room for two nights just the day before our trip. Lot of planning was lacking for this trip. On that same day a little after my booking event, I received a call about a conference call that was set up later that day. The call was important and I had a hunch that there was going to be something important the next day that was going to hinder my trip. I decided to ignore this intuition. The conference call was set up for 3.30 pm and I had time until 3.pm to cancel my hotel reservation for a full refund.

You guessed it right!, my hunch about that something important being scheduled for the next day actually turned out to be true and there was no way I was going to compromise it for the trip.

Travel booking sites make you believe that very limited rooms are available and that we are running out of time to find a room, but that’s not the case. There were plenty of rooms available and worst case scenario, there is always Airbnb. If I had just believed my intuition and canceled my booking, only to book it again after my meeting, I would have got a full refund and not spend money on a service I dint use.

We should stop and think whenever necessary. Always look at what is happening around, absorb everything, plan well ahead and make good decisions. I just hope I don’t mess another hotel reservations in future.

Her association with Librans.

Jesse, a tall, dark and handsome guy, a mixture of both innocence and ruggedness all put together and Becky, an elegant and gentle girl, unaware of the outside world. Jesse was not Becky’s type and she saw him nothing more than just another guy in this world. But as time went by, their acquaintance became friendship and their friendship turned into a relationship more than just friends. Jesse was very charming, friendly and compassionate. He told Becky stories of his past , his friendships and relationships. But Becky was no ordinary girl, she analyzed everything that was in front of her. She tried to make sense of whatever he told her, as she just could not relate those things to Jesse. She started wondering as to whether what he told her were true or just lies. Eventually she realized that Jesse had told many lies, he told lies to make people like him and keep Becky close to him. But Becky could not bare any of it. She dint want to be with someone where she had to analyze if whatever they told was a lie or the truth. Not being able to trust all of Jesse’s words, she explained this to Jesse and they parted ways. Jesse had made such an impact on Becky’s life that she was finding it difficult to believe or trust anyone in her life. She always doubted anything anyone told her but was also so naive that she fell for some of those, only to later realize the truth. Then came Danny. Danny was an old friend of Becky’s with whom she reconnected after years. She used to like Danny character’s back then and it took very little time for both of them to connect. Danny and Becky had both been hurt by someone they held dear to their hearts. As time went by , Becky started noticing similarities between Jesse and Danny. The charm , stories and behavior was so similar that Danny reminded Becky about Jesse. There were things that Danny told that Becky could not believe either, just like it happened with Jesse. She eventually found out that Danny was also lying. But her past experiences with Jesse prepared her for all of it. Even though she felt close to Danny, she was careful enough to not let any of his actions hurt her. All she wanted was a good friend with whom she could share her thoughts with. But will she be able to trust whatever Danny’s tells her, knowing he lied to her in the past ? Well , only Becky can answer this question for us.

You may be wondering what this short story has to do with the title. Well the two characters in our story, Jesse and Danny are both Librans. On seeing the similarities between Jesse and Danny, Becky wanted to befriend another Libran just to see if he also was similar to them and wanted to analyze about this zodiac sign in her own terms to see if her findings were true. Will her research give me another story to write ?

One of my favorite books to read about the zodiac signs is Sun Signs by Linda Goodman. I remember finding the book as a kid in my dad’s bookshelf and how mesmerized I was by her writing. I have read that book uncountable number of times, mostly about myself and sometimes about the people in my life. Do you believe in what the zodiac has to tell about us ? Have you read what Linda Goodman has to say about the Sun Signs?

When she burnt her pasta..

She was a self proclaimed cook who cooked only when she felt like it. She was one who enjoyed eating and one of those who needed something delicious when extremely hungry.

Then came a day when she was so engrossed in her work that she found no time to eat. Surviving on a banana till 3pm, she decided to cook something  yummy. But the simplest and quickest meal she could think of was the pasta and she was sure it would satisfy her.

She went to the kitchen, grabbed an onion and a tomato. Put a cup of pasta to boil and was staring at her pot. She realized she dint have any of her gadgets with her and felt incomplete. So she ran up to to her room to grab something interesting to do while her pasta boiled..

She found her laptop and her phone on her table but had lost her mind. She forgot the task she had taken up, she had forgotten her boiling pasta! Time went by, she sent a few mails, made a few phone calls and was watching some videos on you tube when she smelt something burning. It struck her mind that she was cooking something but what it was that she was cooking, she dint know.

She ran downstairs, terrified, clueless as to what she had done. Glanced at the fire alarm on her way to the kitchen praying for it to not go off. There it was ! Her pasta ! She found her pasta but no water. Little relived that nothing caught on fire, she switched off her gas , switched on the exhaust fan, removed her pot, waving ferociously above the stove, thinking it would help and then she heard what she was praying not to hear ! The smoke detector went off.

Putting off the smoke detector, she opened all the windows and doors. She ran upstairs to see if the smell was still lingering in her room. Yes , the whole second floor smelt burnt. Praying that the second floor smoke alarm to not go off, opened all the windows.

Running up and down the two floors, making sure no squirrel sneaked in through the window or no thief walked in through the doors, her mind was screwed up. She started thinking, she started to think how all of this could have become even worse because of her carelessness and how lucky she was just to be left with nothing but a burnt pot and the smell of something burnt. This cook had learnt a valuable lesson that day !